As San Marcos temperatures cool down winter fashion essentials are a must

Kristin Bergmann, Opinions Editor

Winter has arrived and Southern California has cooled down. While afternoons are still sunny, San Marcos is getting gloomy mornings and temperatures below 60.

For the people living in the East Coast, Californias’s definition of cold is greeted with eye rolls, but hey, for us Californians, “chilly” means cold. Besides burning candles, snuggling up at home, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls, my favorite thing about winter is fashion.

As the weather cools down, more layers are needed, meaning more clothing options. While I absolutely love strolling through stores and getting inspired by all the trends on display, there are some pieces that are evergreens. Those pieces are non-negotiable, which means they have to be a part of my winter wardrobe every year.

So, if you’re struggling with picking your outfit in the morning and frequently experience “I don’t know what to wear” moments, I got you! Here are 7 staple pieces to add to your winter wardrobe that go with any outfit and make you look fashionable in an instant.

A trench coat

A classic beige trench coat is an essential piece of clothing, because it goes with absolutely everything and effortlessly elevates even the most casual outfits. Seriously, you could wear pajamas, throw a trench on and it would look high fashion.

A blazer

My absolute favorite clothing item ever because blazers always look chic. You can throw an oversized blazer over athletic wear and it’s a fit. Blazers come in countless colors and variations, but for fall, my favorites are long blazers in neutral tones like black, white, or beige. If you want to look extra chic, try tweed blazers. So classy!

A pair of leather pants

Whether you like straight leg cut, wide legged trousers, or skinny fit: leather pants come in all cuts, and they’re PERFECT for the winter. I love that leather pants immediately elevate any outfit, even if combined with the most casual shirt or shoes.

A knit sweater

I love knit sweaters because they’re so comfortable and easy to combine. I love white, beige, and brown sweaters in fall, but bright colors like red or yellow also look amazing. Knit sweaters are not just perfect for relaxing at home but combined with the right pieces (or cute accessories), they can look super chic too!

An oversized button-down

Button-downs are my go-to clothing item. They’re perfect for layering because they look so cute peeking out under a sweater. Also: if it gets too hot in the sun, you can just take the sweater off and still be fully dressed!

A pair of over-knee boots

Over-knees look super cute with a skirt or dress. If it’s really cold outside, just wear a pair of thick tights underneath, throw on a sweater and you’re good to go!

An XL-scarf

I love big scarves because they don’t only look stylish, but are also extremely cozy and keep you warm all day! A big scarf is the perfect winter accessory and if you get it in a bright color or with a funky pattern it can elevate the most casual, monochrome fit in an instant.

Those were my 7 winter essentials that make it easier for me to decide what to wear, because all those pieces are so versatile and go with essentially any outfit. You could just wear all of them together to create the perfect layering look. Now it’s your turn – make the world your runway!