Need for better public transportation options for students

Sayna Nassertorabi, Opinions Editor

When the topic of school transportation comes up there is a lot to be said. School transportation has been an issue for a very long time specially in public schools and universities. Among these issues are not enough parking spaces, parking prices, public transportation prices, etc.

During my school and college journey I had to go through quite a bit of transportation issues. When I was a high school student the nearest high school wasn’t a walking distance for me so this meant transportation was a must. For a while I decided to take the bus in order to get to school.

What I didn’t know was that it was going to be a disaster. After just one time of getting home on the bus, I realized I didn’t want to continue doing it. The bus became so crowded that most students had no place to sit until they got to their destination.

For me it was a temporary situation, and I was really blessed that I didn’t have to commute to school that way for very long. It is very sad that in 2023 there are students out there who don’t even have access to good transportation in order to get to school.

Aside from the public transportation issue there are still issues other issues related to transportation like parking. An example of lack of parking can be the parking situation at CSUSM.

CSUSM has many students, so it is necessary that students have access to open parking spaces but many students at CSUSM find parking to be a struggle. The main point about this article is to ask what are schools and universities doing about transportation and parking? And if not, what are they suggesting be done to end this struggle for students who face transportation struggles.