October is the month of breast cancer awareness.

According to the Susan G. Komen website, in 2011, there will be 230,480 new cases of breast cancer in the United States. Donating money to the American Cancer Society helps conduct more research to help find a cure and save millions of lives.

This month, CSUSM’s Associated Student Inc. (ASI) will hold their annual “Fight for the Cure” in the Library Plaza during UHour on Thursday, Oct. 13. At the event, school organizations such as the Campus Activities Board (CAB), Health and Wellness center, Women’s Center and The Clarke plan to have information tables.

“I don’t think [students] realize the importance of getting tested as women,” Alicia Perry from ASI said.

Breast cancer is most common in women, but men can be involved in raising money. In previous years, ASI attempted to put together a Powder Puff game where students pay to play the game and the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

“We would have an issue trying to get people to sign up because they wanted their free time to do something else,” Perry said. “Our goal is to raise funds for research and to get as many people involved.”

This year, ASI is trying a new approach to raise money. ASI is getting the men on campus involved in a fun and interesting way called “Hotties in Heels.” The event entails a group of young male volunteers dressing up in drag. Participants accept cash and checks payable to American Cancer Society on behalf of breast cancer awareness. If you see a cross dresser walking around campus, be sure to take a picture with him and your friends and give him a tip for dressing up for a great cause.

“Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” will hold an event in Balboa Park, San Diego, Sunday, Oct. 16. It consists of a three to five mile walk. If students are interested, attend “Fight for the Cure” and visit the CAB table to sign-up and learn more information regarding organizing or joining a team.

For people who live in Temecula, Susan G. Komen Inland Empire will hold their “Race for the Cure” on Sunday, Oct. 16. The event is located in the Macy’s parking lot in the Promenade Mall. Hundreds of local vendors will give away free merchandise and sponsor activities for participants.

Last Sunday, Oct. 9, “Barbells for Boobs” took place at CrossFit San Elijo to fundraise for “Mammograms for Action.”

Zionna Munoz founded the foundation, “Amazing ‘Grace'”. Munoz’s friend went to get a mammogram in 2009, but was denied the test because she was considered too young to get the text. Six months later, Munoz’s friend noticed a lump in her breast had grown larger. She went to a different doctor to get a mammogram. Within ten minutes of her appointment, the doctor diagnosed the friend with breast cancer. Two weeks later, the doctor removed the friend’s right breast and half of her left breast.

“The average age for college students [to get a mammogram] is twenty-seven-years-old. Every man and woman deserves to get checked out no matter what age you are,” Munoz said.

In 2010, Reebok shoes joined the foundation to help raise awareness for young people to get mammograms. This year alone, 400 events are scheduled to raise over $1.3 million for mammograms for men and women of all ages.

“[Barbells for Boobs] is a huge resource for young generations to become more aware about taking responsibility for their health,” Munoz continued.

There are plenty of ways to become an advocate for self-knowledge about health. Take advantage of all the resources on and off campus so you get the chance to live a healthy and cancer free life.

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