Summer a good time for cosmetic surgery



During the summer, many college students opt for plastic surgery, with procedures lke botox, rhinoplasty and implants.


Summertime is a time to get work done. While summer vacation means beaches, bonfires and BBQ for many college students, others use the extended break to start or complete what may be long-desired cosmetic procedures.

“Getting work done” has long been an open-ended response to numerous upgrades. Besides cosmetic surgery, it could refer to less invasive procedures, like Botox, or the non-invasive, such as doing your hair and nails, or getting teeth whitened.

“Correction is common in young people,” Dr. Maurice P. Sherman, of the Del Mar Cosmetic Medical Center, said.

While many procedures require continuing visits and can be started anytime, summer is a popular starting point, to see if results are a good fit for the season. Athletes with facial trauma might opt for procedures during the off-season.

For cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sherman, the most typical procedure for college age students is nasal surgery.

“Rhinoplasty is where we refine the tip and bridge of the nose into a shape that is natural,” Sherman said. “We want to take attention away from the nose.”

With many cosmetic surgeries, technical improvements allow for a student to get back to class in two to three days.

With rhinoplasty, Sherman stated, the nose cast comes off in about ten days, with no strenuous activity for three weeks.

That also applies to breast augmentation. No swimming for 3 weeks, but your bikini-ready body can go to the beach in a couple of days.

Often, dermatologists offer procedures that are “preventative for young people,” Mesa, manager at AVA Medical Spa in Carlsbad, said. “Laser hair removal, Botox and fillers are popular.”

Laser hair removal uses heat to permanently reduce body hair. Treatments are every six weeks, but you cannot have recently tanned. Botox and fillers are injections that smooth out lines and wrinkles, for immediate results.

“I would offer laser skin tightening as an option to college students, instead of Botox or fillers,” Ilar Soltani, manager of American Laser Center in Carlsbad, said. “When you have better skin it makes you look more alert, less tired and more approachable. As we get older our skin loses its elasticity.”

It is important to remember that the reasons for cosmetic procedures vary; for some it’s medically necessary, and for some, there are psychological benefits. Yet others might not be happy with results. It is equally important to consider work done by licensed professionals.

For more information, contact a provider in your area.

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