Deal Days in San Diego

By Chris Giancamilli

            College life can be both stressful and expensive. When looking for a way to unwind, it’s easy to find yourself going over your budget, but cutting back doesn’t have to mean you can’t have fun. Deals are all over the place if you know where to look.

            Try something new: ice skating in Escondido! The Iceoplex in Escondido offers ice skating every day of the week. Their sessions normally run around three hours of skate time with three sessions per day. General admission with skate rental is $10 per session with a special $5 admission on Monday nights 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Ice skating can be a fun alternative to the weekly movie for about half the price.

            If you’re looking for something to enrich your mind, there are other options.

 Every Tuesday, various museums at Balboa Park in San Diego offer free admission. The museums change depending on which Tuesday of the month you decide to attend:

On the first Tuesday of the month, open museums include the Natural History Museum and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.

Second Tuesdays offer the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego History Museum, and the Veteran’s Museum and Memorial Center.

The Museum of Art (permanent exhibit only), Museum of Man, the Mingei International Museum, and the Japanese Friendship Garden all offer free admission on the third Tuesday of the month.

On the fourth Tuesday, the San Diego Air and Space Museum, the Automotive Museum, and the Hall of Champions Sports Museum are open to the public.

            If visiting a museum every Tuesday isn’t your thing, visit for 50 percent off coupons available for redemption at various restaurants and events around San Diego. The website is updated with new deals every Wednesday and has sections on food & wine, entertainment, salons, health & fitness, home, auto, and even pets. In addition to snagging good markdowns and valuable coupons, the website is a great resource for discovering new and little-known venues, restaurants, and other social treasures in and around San Diego.

            These are only a few ideas to help save on your weekly expenses. Take advantage of these budget friendly options and keep yourself and your bank balance happy.

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