Comic Book Corner: ‘Lola’ draws on authors’ heritage


By Faith Orcino

A&E Editor


Oni Press published illustrator Elbert Or and writer J. Torres original graphic novel, “Lola: A Ghost Story” in early 2010.


The two drew inspiration from their Filipino heritage in order to create the project.  When Jesse and his family return to his grandmother’s home after her passing, his fears also arrive.  He has the ability to see spirits and various supernatural creatures that most believed were myths meant to scare the children.  While many gathered to support the family, Jesse discovered a dark mystery which he must look into.


The graphic novel is reminiscent of Vera Brosgol’s “Anya’s Ghost.” The two have young protagonists with ghostly problems and tensions with family.  “Lola” differed with a heavier focus on family and references of actual Filipino mythical creatures.  Or’s drawings are very clean and simple which complements Torres’ writing, allowing readers to follow the story easily.  Though it has a very dark tone, the book earned a rating of “Y” for readers 7-years-old and up.  Oni Press released the book only in hardcover form, but it is worth adding to your collections.


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