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Restaurant Review: Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ

Restaurant Review: Bubbas Smokehouse BBQ

By Lissette Nunez 

Staff Writer 

Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ restaurant is a divine dining place not only for its charming location but for its off-the-bone type of meat!

Located only 2 minutes away from La Jolla Cove beach, Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ is lip smacking’ good. It’s a great alternative to our well known neighbor Mr. Phil, the owner of San Marcos’ Mr. Phil’s BBQ joint on Grand Avenue.

As my friend and I arrived at Bubba’s, we were welcomely greeted by the owners and then we sat ourselves comfortably. I had ordered a half rack of baby back ribs while my friend ordered the slider trio, a combination of three sandwiches: pulled pork, chopped beef brisket and pulled chicken.

As I bite into my warm, tender rib, it’s juicy, sharp sauce complements the well-seasoned ribs by not overpowering its natural smoked flavor.Though the sauce at Bubba’s can be comparable to Phil’s, they still highly differ from each other in an extremely good way.

For instance, I find Phil’s sauce a bit too tangy and overpowering for my taste. The lack of choice in sauces at Phil’s does disappoint, but Bubba’s has variety. Bubba’s features three favorable choices of sauce such as, Bubba’s lip-smackin’ sweet BBQ sauce or Bubba’s Kickin’ BBQ Sauce and Bubba’s Secret Dry Rub. I had tried the kickin’ sauce that brought a distinctive spice and just the right tang. Phil’s sauce suppresses the meat’s natural flavor and gradually starts to build a harsh tangy taste.

Moreover, the slider trio was mouth-watering good! The only discouraging thing about the platter was the amount of meat and sauce and how it regrettably spoiled the taste of the sandwich, transforming it into a spongy mess. Perhaps ordering the sauce on the side would be the best solution so that the bread doesn’t form into a huge absorbent sponge.

Lastly, their side section was commendable, serving a well-sized portion of crispy fries with a flattering hint of salt. The creamy, skinned potato red salad had a nice body to it, but was maybe a bit overly seasoned with salt.

Bubba’s prices are just a bonus. The price is affordable, usually around $15 and their portions always excel their price range by serving generous amounts of food.

Overall, my friend and I were pleased with our visit to Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ. Without a doubt, we would recommend it to anyone who needs a break from Phil’s or is just interested in trying a new bbq place around our area. Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ is located at 888 Prospect St., La Jolla, CA 92037.

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