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The independent student news site of San Marcos, California

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Being the thread

Shaymaa Abusalih, Staff Writer April 13, 2016

  People are patchworks. No person is ever made up of one single thing. It’s the several parts that make a whole and all of them are important. One patch might be race, the other, religion; a patch here, your gender; a patch there, your sexuality; health; body type; financial stability....

Listen before you label

Listen before you label

Gayana Parsegova, Staff Writer April 13, 2016

  “I’m sorry, can you please say your name again?” “Do you have any nicknames, something easier to pronounce?” “Is that even a name?” The majority of my life has consisted of these questions regarding my first name alone, but that’s only the beginning. After tearing apart...

Am I Not Filipino Enough?

Am I Not Filipino Enough?

Jeffrey Davis, Photographer April 13, 2016

  I fight with the expectation of being tied to my Filipino culture, but I am a proud Filipino. It’s difficult telling people, I’m 1⁄2 Filipino, a 1⁄4 Mexican, and a 1⁄4 Welsh/Swedish, when I just look Filipino. I’ve visited the Philippines once in my life, as a baby, which...

Black Student Union hosts Black History Month Festival

Shannon Gallacher, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor February 24, 2016

  With February marking the celebration of Black History Month, CSUSM’s Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a festival to celebrate African American culture on Feb. 18. The festival consisted of dance performances, free food and information on various clubs and organizations to commemorate...

Photo provided by Melissa Derr

Adventures in Europe opens student’s eyes

February 18, 2015

By Melissa Derr Contributor  This winter break I had the opportunity to explore Europe, a trip which included London, Paris and Rome, three of the most influential and iconic cities in the European Union. Traveling has always been a dream of mine. As a history student I have always wanted to...

Message from Civility: T-Shirt Day!

November 4, 2014

Hello Friends of Civility, The next Civility T-Shirt Day is soon upon us! Join the American Indian Student Alliance, California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center and the Civility Campaign as we kickoff American Indian Heritage Month. Support the Civility Campaign by wearing your green Civility...


October 25, 2014

By Owranoos Suljuki Contributor  You find me delightful as if I am obliged to be a delight for you. That the sole reason for my existence is to be your pleasure. I am not another land that you can discover and expect to own. Just because you have happened upon it does...

Mural of the world

Take time to learn about new culture

October 24, 2014

By Noelle Friedberg Opinion Editor  October is National Diversity month, so now is the perfect time to learn something new about a different culture. One way to learn about a new culture is to build a friendship with someone who has a different cultural background than you. Another way is to...

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