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Love for consumption

Micaela Johansson, Assistant Opinion Editor

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Does anyone remember when Valentine’s Day consisted of just a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for your significant other?


Today, the consumption for gifts have become ridiculous with presents of all sorts. Every store has at least one aisle dedicated to this special day; the aisle is covered with pink and red!


Do we really want balloons, candy of all brands, and stuffed animals in all sizes? Don’t get me wrong, I would love one of those huge teddy bears that is bigger than I am; however, it’s nothing I need, nor would want anyone to waste money on.


Instead of something small to represent one’s love for another, it has become a competition about who can spoil whom the most. Christmas was about one month ago; didn’t we spend enough money on unnecessary presents then?

All of these holidays that were dedicated to love and spending time with one another, have turned into days dedicated to the consumption of material items that no one needs. We buy more each year, and as such, this special day loses its meaning.


As soon as one holiday ends, the next one arrives–at least in stores. Right after New Year’s ends, you begin to see Valentine’s decorations set up in stores in January. I can promise you on Feb. 15, they will switch out all the pink and red assorted treats to green candies in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, which by the way isn’t until March 17, and it will be followed by yellow and mint-green Easter decorations.


Instead of purchasing all these material items that none of us really need, we should get together and perform random acts of kindness on Valentine’s Day this year!

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Love for consumption