How to avoid stress as a college student

Cesia Cano and Karen Ambrocio


College can be overwhelming. Students are mostly aware that studying and doing homework are important when preparing for any test, but if every hour, minute and second is spent on studying, it wouldn’t be that beneficial to one’s health.

With such busy life schedules, it is easy to lose your sanity. Trying to incorporate fun and relaxation in your schedule is difficult, but not impossible.

CSUSM understands the demands of a college student’s life, which is why they provide a variety of resources to help improve students’ college experiences.

When asked where the top places on campus to study are at, third­year student Evan Davis said, “The library, because it’s quiet,” and third­-year student Jessica Banderas said, “Starbucks is a good place.”

Aside from school, there are many places that students find to be perfect study spots. Since campus isn’t too far from the coast, some nearby students take full advantage of a hot day and relax at the beach.

Third­-year student Jessica Banderas said, “The meditation garden in Encinitas [is] a good place to relax, think and chillax.”

In order to help alleviate the stress of studying and homework, CSUSM offers resources available for students.

The Health Center allows students to keep their health in check, as well as provide tips on maintaining a healthy diet and decreasing stress.

The Meditation Lounge, located in the University Student Union, is a personal space to find your spiritual self, meditate on your future goals and disconnect from all the stress.

If you are feeling stressed, there are simple things anyone can do to help make things easier.

One way is to stay organized. Keep a planner to stay up­to­date on assignment due dates and

upcoming events and keep your surroundings tidy to help maintain focus on tasks at hand.

It’s also important to plan things ahead of time. Sometimes visualizing how you will tackle the week serves as a reminder of what needs to get done each day, preventing you from missing any due dates.

Another stress reliever is to get involved. College life can be so hectic that it is easy to forget about your social life. Sometimes you might just avoid it because you think you simply don’t have enough time for it. However, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Interacting with other human beings throughout your day helps improve your attitude, keeps you motivated and may even boost your mental health.

Most importantly, don’t forget about yourself. Take advantage of all the opportunities that CSUSM provides, explore all of your potential and make the best of your college experience.