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I accomplished the impossible

Jeni Scaturro, Assistant Opinion Editor

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How many units is too many to take? As a freshman, I decided to accomplish the impossible by taking 22 units during the spring semester.

The question I always get asked is, “Why take that many?” I chose to take on an overtime load of schooling to graduate early. By taking 22 units this semester and an additional nine units over the summer, I would have finished all of my General Education requirements in one year.

Being able to graduate a year early allows me to start my career sooner. I am training to be a certified real estate appraiser in the San Diego and Orange counties. The appraisal business always ran in the family; however, it isn’t my passion.

My passion is becoming a life coach which allows me to help others achieve their “hell yeah” goals by threatening the status quo. By taking on this big audacious goal of completing 22 units, I can use my experience to inspire others and show them that the impossible is possible.

The other question people ask me is, “How do you do it?” 22 units sounds intimidating to manage and it is indeed a lot of work; however, it is  doable. I am surprised not more people try to do this.

Staying organized and prepared was the key to a smooth semester. I wrote everything down, color-coded in a planner. I also tried to stay ahead of the workload by following the assignments listed on the syllabus and completing them ahead of time.

Although this semester has been intense, taking 22 units was a great decision that I’ve made and now I can say it will only take me 3 years to graduate.

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