The importance of environmental stewardship on campus


CSUSM Environmental Club

The Environmental Studies Club poses after their monthly Coastal Clean Up Day from left to right Kimberly Anderson, Cameron White, Kaitlyn Fudge, Silvia Lopez, Adrina Hernandez and Nathan Serrato.

Briana Osuna, Features Editor

Surrounded by heaps of garbage, members of the Environmental Studies Club worked with diligence on a hot September month to rid a sensitive habitat of waste.  This clean up of the Coastal Sage Scrub habitat which is protected by the Escondido Creek Conservancy, was just one of the clubs monthly Coastal Clean Up days.

“We cleared out glass, mattresses, and even a water heater from this natural open space. We were disappointed in all the trash we found but filled with hope that students could come together and make a difference,” said the clubs Social Media Representative Nathan Serrato.

The club is currently in its second year of being an official club on campus. It was initially formed by Lindsay Moore, in order to bring the community of Environmental Studies majors together. However, Vice President Silvia Lopez said she encourages all students who wish to make a positive impact on the environment to join.

“We focus on working with the campus community and providing a foundation for innovative environmental ideas. We volunteer with local environmental organizations, host outdoor events such as yoga, hikes and guided nature walks,” said Lopez.

The club is currently selling gently used clothing once a month at the USU. The members chose to sell clothing at an affordable price rather than food.

“We realized selling clothing at an affordable price not only helps our student body but reduces our carbon footprint,” said Serrato.

Serrato said what sets this club apart from others is that it provides students with a way to connect with one another while making a positive impact on the environment. He said that he hopes students will realize the importance of environmental stewardship on campus and make help make a difference.

“The goals for the club include providing a place for people to share ideas with like minded individuals. We want to be able to provide opportunities for people to reach beyond the campus community and into career fields they would like to pursue,” said Lopez.

Those who are involved in this club are given the opportunity to collectively engage with peers and help create a more suitable environment.

“We want everyone to be aware of current environmental issues and allow anyone to share their ideas and solutions. The broader perspective we have, the more possibilities and solutions we will come across. We want everyone to have a voice and a platform to begin projects and share ideas,” said Lopez