USU screens scary movies for students


On Oct. 16 students gather around a screen in the USU ballroom to watch the classic film, Halloweentown

Sasha Anand, Movie Analyst

The USU held a spooky themed movie night showing the Disney comedy classic, Halloweentown and thriller, A Quiet Place.


Halloweentown is a movie about a young girl and her siblings who go against their mother’s wishes and sneak away to go to their grandmother’s in the titular Halloweentown. There, they find monsters, goblins and witches; all of whom later help them defeat the villain.


A Quiet Place tells the story of a family living in a world where even the slightest noise risks their safety due to the monsters that live around their property. The monsters are blind, but acutely aware of sound and will attack at the slightest noise. A family’s bond and, ultimately, the father’s love leads them to safety.


Many students brought blankets that they spread on the ground in front of the screen to watch the movies with their friends. A bar full of tater tots and nachos were provided.


First, students watched Halloweentown. The room began to gradually fill up more as the showing of A Quiet Place followed.


The suspense of this film created a palpable tension in the room. The loud blaring of the speakers added to the intensity of the film already filled with jump scares. Al- though some people were visibly shaken by the movie, it allowed students to become engrossed in the movies’ plots and de-stress the midterms they had over the past week or so.


“I think that this event is a good idea to have right now because it lets me hang out, and have a good time with my friends. I just finished my midterms and this was a fun way to celebrate,” said CSUSM freshman Sara Culp.


This event gave students the opportunity to laugh, scream and ultimately unwind with their friends during or after the stress of midterms.


Students were all watching the movies, laughing with their friends and being together enjoying their free time away from the classroom.