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Online series: “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”

Photo Courtesy of LukaStevens via Creative Commons
Promotional poster for Shane Dawson’s conspiracy series.

The popular YouTuber Shane Dawson, recently released a two-part series where he delves into a handful of conspiracy theories ranging from government laser beams starting wildfires to Chuck E. Cheese reusing old pizza. The series is much longer than his usual 15 to 20 minute long videos, at about an hour and a half each. If you’re into conspiracy theories or just want something to play in the background while you do some homework, this series is a great choice.




Movie: Velvet Buzzsaw

Photo Courtesy of Netflix
Jake Gyllenhaal stars in the Netflix original film, Velvet Buzzsaw, which released on Feb. 1.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collete, Tom Sturridge and a handful of other actors make for a stacked cast on one of Netflix’s newest original movies, Velvet Buzzsaw. The film tells the story of the art of a deceased old man and how it avenges the greedy self-centered art critics and sellers attempting to make money off of it. Velvet Buzzsaw is a satirical supernatural film that pokes fun at high-brow art and the people that consider themselves aficionados on the matter. While at times confusing, Robert Elswit’s cinematography and Gyllenhaal’s performance makes for an overall entertaining experience.






Album: Thank U, Next

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons
The album art for the single on Grande’s latest album.

Ariana Grande dropped her fifth debut album, thank u, next, on Feb. 8; rising to number one on Spotify and Apple Music’s streaming charts on the day of the release. Grande’s songs alternate from a rollercoaster of moods from being in love, feeling needy or needing space. Some highlights include “needy,” “fake smile” and “thank u, next.” Grande created relatable songs for every person to sing their heart out to.







Book: “Change of Heart” by Jodi Picoult

Photo by Nina Subin
Jodi Picoult’s headshot.

This book is about a young man, Shay Borne, who is convicted and put on death row for murder. In light of his predicament, he makes the shocking decision to donate his heart to a young girl who is in dire need of a transplant. It just so happens that the girl’s mother, June Nealon was a victim of Bourne’s. June’s family was torn apart due to what he did to land him on death row which forces them  to come to grips with their reality. This is a good read because it focuses on the overall message of forgiveness and the ability to move on after hardship.


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