Study Abroad Fair provides students with options

Kathleen Carpio, Student Life Reporter

Querétaro, Seoul and Florence are some cities that perhaps most students at CSUSM can only dream of visiting.


The idea of traveling is something that many college students cannot consider with the cost of airfare, food and hotel expenses. Luckily this may be an option with the help of the study abroad choices made available at campus.


The Study Abroad Fair was an expanse of booths that showcased multiple programs that help make it possible for students to travel.


The Office of Global Education held the fair on Thursday, Feb. 27 at the University Hall Plaza.

One of the main study abroad programs showcased at the event was the CSU International Programs (CSU IP).


What this program stated is that students are given a year-long immersion experience at their host country. The cost of participating in this program is likened to the cost of studying at a CSU campus.


Students are expected to pay for personal expenses and transportation. However, almost all financial aid, excluding work study, can be used to help pay for the year abroad.


Another option to study abroad is the exchange program at CSUSM. This program allows a student to attend a partner university overseas for either a semester or a year abroad and earn course credit for graduation. In that student’s place, another student from that partner university comes to attend our campus.


CSUSM students pay their same tuition fees in order to attend and may use their financial aid to participate.


If studying abroad for a year long is not an option for students there are other partner programs made available.

For Computer Science and Biotechnology majors, there is an option to study in France for the summer. There are language courses available in French and English. So any experience in French, luckily, is not required. This summer program spans from July 1 to 20 so be sure to apply soon.


If you are not a Computer Science or Biotechnology major, then don’t worry. There are  summer abroad programs available for other majors.


The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), has an option for CSU students to study abroad just for the summer as well.


There were multiple study abroad options to choose from. It may be a bit confusing as to figuring out which study abroad option is best for you. The best thing to do is to plan ahead.


Whether it is a choice to study abroad for a year or for only a summer, it is best to talk with a study abroad advisor. They can help you choose which program best fits your financial aid and understanding the process of enrollment at an overseas school.


Attending Info Sessions is a must because each program has different requirements in terms of GPA, and which financial aid they can accept.


It is also best to talk with your academic advisor. Each program has different courses that may relate to your field of study.


It is important to coordinate with an academic advisor at the same time to see which course can be taken overseas to receive credit towards graduation.


The Office of Global Education hosts Study Abroad Info Sessions every Tuesday and Thursday.

For more information,  visit the Office of Global Education at Craven 3200 or visit their website at