Get rid of creative burnout with these tips


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Dealing with creative burnout can be hard but here are some ways to combat it.

Sasha Anand, Sasha Anand

Many people are turning to different methods of relaxation to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of you may be channeling your creative sides. This is a good way to help relieve stress but after a while you may find yourself getting bored with those outlets you once found enjoyable. This is known as creative burnout. Here are a few ways to help combat it. 

Don’t hide away: Even though it may be tempting to just give up and abandon the creative project you’re working on, it’s important not to just go and isolate yourself away from everything. Spend time with people that make you happy to lift your spirits and spur your motivation. 

Take breaks: Don’t overdo it with whatever creative project you’re working on. Make sure to schedule time to get away from the project to clear your head a bit. Instead, go for a walk, read a book or take a nap. 

Get inspired: Find inspiration in the things around you. Look at other books, TV shows, paintings and movies and see if anything sparks your creativity. Find artists that are doing the same type of projects you enjoy doing and gain new ideas from them. 

Change your environment: With the current situation of the world, it’s hard to travel, but a simple change in your environment can help you get motivated again. If you do your work in your bedroom or office, try moving to the kitchen or living room. Or, try working outside for a change. 

Experiment: Find something new that you have always wanted to do yet have never had time to do. Switching your creative outlet may make you more motivated to do what you are truly passionate about or you may find a whole new creative outlet altogether. 

Work as a team: Find other friends that like the same things you do and host a virtual Zoom or socially distanced meeting with your friends and brainstorm ideas for a new creative project or work on your projects together. This is a good way to feed off of the energy of others to inspire you. 

 Even though the current situation is hard, there are still ways to be creative and express your feelings to the world. 

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