Salad Jars: A quick and healthy meal


Photo by Iina Luoto on Pexels

A salad is a simple and easy thing to make on the go. Put it in a mason jar and it’s ready to eat wherever you are

Sasha Anand, Features Editor

Meals can be hard to make, especially when you have a busy schedule and are on the go. 

Oftentimes, people sacrifice the nutritional value of food for the convenience factor. Salads are a simple and easy meal that you can put together quickly to enjoy on the go. This salad recipe is stored in a mason jar so you can carry it easily. 

For this recipe, you will need a mason jar and your choice of fruit and veggies as well as whatever you want to add in your salad. This way you can just shake the jar to mix the ingredients before you enjoy it. 

The ingredients’ freshness will vary depending on what you added, but here are a few tips on how to keep your salad from getting soggy during the day. 

Add your ingredients in the jar in a layered fashion. To start, you want to add in the wetter ingredients first and then as you layer the jar, add in the things that are denser (or heavier.)

For example, add the salad dressing first, then the more hearty fruits and/or veggies like carrots or bell peppers. On the third layer you can add the softer fruits and veggies. Next, add any protein or grains, if you want them. The fifth layer could be cheese or any kind of seeds you wish to add. The sixth will be your lettuce and any other leafy greens you want to include. 

These salads will stay fresh in the fridge for three to five days. Obviously, use common sense when it comes to this; if it looks or smells bad, throw it out. 

Whatever you choose to add into your jar, make sure that it is something that you enjoy. This way you may be more likely to eat it again in the future. 


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