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Prowlin’ the Kitchen: Super Smoothies!

By Jenna Jauregui: “The Cookin’ Cougar”

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Autumn is upon us, and that means fall sports and midterm exams.  Healthy and delicious, smoothies are a quick snack option to power up for a workout or recover from an action-packed game.  Even non-athletic students can benefit from these energizing drinks, reaping a sharp attention span, focus, and brainpower for tackling classes and homework.  Packed with nutrition and incredible flavor, individuals can customize the flavor of their smoothies by varying the main ingredients.  Fruits and vegetables are easily blended to frothy perfection—if you haven’t yet invested in a blender, do it!  This one appliance will allow you to create hundreds of smoothie recipes for any time of the day, promoting a diet that will keep you performing at your best.

The basic smoothie has three main ingredients:

  1. Fruit and/or vegetables
  2. Liquid: (milk, yogurt, fruit juice)
  3. Ice

The specific nutritional benefits will depend on the ingredients you use—athletes should consult their coaches for guidelines on what to include in their smoothies.  In general, a smoothie should contain a protein (from dairy or soy products, or a supplement such as whey protein) and a variety of fruits or vegetables for maximum nutrition.  Get creative and think about what ingredients might create new and interesting flavors.

Nutritionist Lindsay Barnes, co-author of the book “Smoothies and Ice Treats,” recommends using fresh fruit and vegetables, and using low-fat dairy products for the healthiest smoothies.  Flavor and consistency will depend on the amount of each ingredient used, so experiment until you find the perfect blend for your palate.  Here is a delicious smoothie recipe to get you inspired:

Berry Avocado Smoothie

  • ½ avocado, peeled and sliced
  • 1 cup sliced strawberries
  • ½ banana
  • 1 cup milk or soymilk
  • Vanilla extract and honey, to taste
  • Ice, about 4 cubes

Making a smoothie requires just the press of the button.  Blend all the ingredients until you reach the desired consistency, then taste to check the flavor.  You can refrigerate any leftovers and re-blend to enjoy with your next meal.  The above recipe is a Cookin’ Cougar original—check recipe websites or smoothie recipe books to get more ideas for your own delicious blended treats.  Ciao, my smoothie sippers.  Let’s raise our glasses to good health!

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