New School of Arts professor brings fresh perspective on art, science to CSUSM

Faculty Spotlight


School of Arts Professor teaches new ways of exploring art.

Andrea Martinez, Assistant Copy Editor

Lucy HG Solomon mixes work with passion through the lens of digital media.

With inspiration stemming from lessons taught by chemistry and photography teachers at the all-girls high school she attended in St. Louis, Missouri, Solomon turned her love for art and science into educational and professional careers.

The new School of Arts professor, who started teaching at CSUSM in fall 2015, attended Boston College on a full ride for her bachelor’s degree, double majoring in Philosophy and Art. As an undergrad, Solomon studied in Ecuador and became interested in digital art during her year abroad.

“My emphasis on digital art manifested after graduation, when I got a job repairing computers and supporting businesses’ computers,” said Solomon.

The focus in digital art was supported by her studies at Claremont Graduate University, where she majored in Art with an emphasis in Digital Media to earn a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Mentors that taught art in universities influenced Solomon. Among those mentors was her neighbor, Bill Kohn, a painter who leads an artistic life by traveling the world and teaching painting. She was inspired to lead a life driven by similar passions.

“I thought he lived the exciting, culturally rich life of an adventurer artist, and I thought there could be nothing better than traveling, making art and teaching. I still think that’s true,” said Solomon.

Her enthusiasm for teaching and traveling was evident in the time she spent teaching interactive media in Norway, transitioning microbiological research into a more captivating narrative that could interest everyone.

“This is really what fascinates me: how can we use interactive media to talk about complex subjects in a way that makes those subjects accessible, engaging – even fun,” said Solomon.

She said that she hopes that her students are especially pleased with their digital media projects, and that they would generate meaning. She also applies these goals to her own work.

“I want to take people, and myself, to unknown territories by interacting with a digital narrative,” said Solomon.

She is energized by the work of both students and faculty within the School of Arts.

“I am surrounded by School of Arts faculty who are having art exhibitions, performing in plays, making music, designing, researching,” said Solomon. “There is simply not enough time to enjoy all of the offerings of the university community.”

Solomon will be teaching a winter intersession class, VSAR 404 Art and Web Design during the upcoming winter break.