Latin@ Center teaches different cultures of love

El dia del Amor y Amistad

Stephany Mejia, News Editor

The Latin@ Center hosted El dia del Amor y Amistad (the day of love and friendship), for students to expand their knowledge about Latino countries traditions of expressing love.


On Feb. 14 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., the Latin@ Center presented a PowerPoint presentation to students explaining the different ways countries in Latin America celebrate Valentine’s day.


The presentation included facts about Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Salvador and Columbia and the ways each country celebrate the holiday. Students learned that Columbia’s Valentine’s Day is on Sept. 20, Bolivia on Sept. 21 and Brazil on June 12.


The peer coaches gave an example about a Brazilian tradition. A Brazilian girl writes names of males and places them in a container. She picks out a name from the container, and whoever the name is will be the name of her spouse.


After the peer coaches finished their presentation, they encouraged students to share their Valentine’s Day experiences or traditions. Students discussed how they celebrate Valentine’s Day with family and friends.


Second year student Daniel Canseco is a peer coach in the Latin@ Center. Canseco said the event was planned 3 weeks in advance. Ideas were given by the peer coaches and collective suggestions from the suggestion box that is located on the front desk of the center.


The center provided students with food, sweets and materials for arts and crafts. Students were encouraged to create letters or a craft for someone they care about.


Diana Camacho is a second year student and attended the event. It was her first time visiting the center. Camacho said the event was fun and found the information given, especially about Brazil interesting.


“Each one of [the countries] have ideas of expressing their love. It’s love in general, a love for family and friends”, said Camacho.


The Latin@ Center is located in University Student Union 3300.