Political conversations during the holidays causes disharmony



Family reunion during the holidays can get controversial.

Tania Oritz, Assistant Opinion Editor

We are approaching the time of the year where we come together with our families for the holidays. We take the opportunity to catch up with distant relatives about our lives and everything in between. When we run out of things to talk about, we turn to the news, political events or scandals happening in the country.

This is where we tread dangerous waters because talking about politics is a double-edged sword. Especially when our families may differ in views due to generational standpoints and values they’ve grown up with.

Politics are a tricky subject to converse about, since there are so many different aspects to it. Even though there are ways to have a civilized conversation about politics, generational differences can add complications to the conversation.

Like I had mentioned earlier, our elder relatives most likely have a different political standpoint than we do. Mainly because they have been raised differently than we have and stick to more traditional views. The younger generation, meanwhile, have varying viewpoints and want to change our elder relatives’ perspectives.

This is where the holidays can get tricky.

Talking about politics during the holidays can cause heated arguments. If the conversation gets too intense, disharmony can erupt at the dinner table. Having these types of conversations can get too personal, too fast. Personal attacks towards the relative you are conversing with or vice versa will ruin the harmony and spirit of the holidays.

Insults thrown at relatives relentlessly during the conversation can be dangerous because then the conversation turns into a yelling match rather than discussing the actual matter at hand.

Also, if you or your relatives are stubborn, it can create even worse problems. It will not only hurt your relative, you or anyone who is participating in the conversation, but could also hurt the dynamics of the family.

I’m not saying avoid political conversations completely during the holidays. If you want to have a conversation surrounding politics, take a chance. Just make sure you approach the conversation in a mature manner to avoid complications. The holidays are all about keeping peace and having a great time with family.

Having an open mind helps with creating a safe environment during a political conversation.

If you or your relatives respect each other’s perspectives on politics, this keeps the dinner table from becoming a war zone.

Having these tension-filled conversations, while still respecting each other, will help create stronger connections because your family is able to overcome these ideological differences. And if these conversations are successful, it will open relatives’ perspectives and even your own too.

The holidays, whichever one you celebrate, are about family and cherishing the quality time you have with them. Having the choice of conversing about politics during the holidays is up to you and your families. Knowing the consequences of what may happen if these conversations are carried out may allow you to avoid engaging in those conversations.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how willing you are to engage in them. Just remember about the real meaning of the holiday season; family and having fun.