Stef Ewing has big plans for CSUSM softball

Zoe Silva, Sports Editor

CSUSM’s Softball program is NFCA Division II, ranked as No. 8 nationally. The program started in 2016, and just two years later, Stef Ewing became Head Coach of the team in 2018.

The team has been successful in their 2022 spring season, having an overall record of 33-3. In an interview, Coach Ewing claims the number proves to be outstanding due to the “living in the moment” style of coaching favored by herself.

Ewing started coaching at 16 years old, driving to another field after her own softball practice to help with another team. From that time on, she knew coaching was a natural ability worth pursuing.

Her professional start as an assistant coach at New Mexico State led her to find a new position as Head Coach at Cal State University San Marcos. With help from her parents, Ewing saw the beauty of the school.

“We could win here, I thought that this place was a goldmine from the minute that I saw it,” Ewing said, “I felt like everything someone would need to be successful was here” She states “As a first time Head Coach, there was an opportunity for me to turn things around and that’s what really felt good.”

Since her addition to athletics, the softball program has excelled, obtaining more than a handful of new records. Just recently, the team made it into the top 10 of NCAA Division II ranking. As stated above, the Cougars are ranked No. 8 nationally for the first time in program history.

“We have to recruit kids who want to work hard, love softball, and are devoted to it. I think that we have a great group of young ladies. We’ve had a lot of kids that are very committed, they pay attention to the details, and they work hard,” Ewing said.

CSUSM is known to be a smaller school, often looked over on the map. This is a fact that Ewing wanted to change in her transition to the program. She makes sure to let her potential athletes know of this during  her recruitment process.

“We can win here. We can do things that have never been done here. If you want to help rewrite things and build a foundation, then this is the place for you,” Ewing said.

As the team continues their season, Ewing decides to “just focus on one week at a time.”

“We are going to take it one day at a time because it has worked for us. Our conference is too strong to overlook or take any team for granted,” said Ewing.

Continue to support Coach Ewing’s initiative by supporting the CSUSM softball team during their final matches and watch on as they continue to set records.

“What’s hard about being a coach is that you are never satisfied, but that’s what I love about this group. They are also never satisfied. You have to love the struggle because it makes it all worth it. The thing I am most looking forward to is how we are going to end this story. The ending hasn’t been written yet, but I think this team has the ability to write it for themselves,” said Ewing.