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Chingona Fest is an annual event hosted by both the Women and Gender Equity Center and the Latinx Center.

Chingona Fest empowers and educates the campus community

Emily Lopez, Staff Writer September 27, 2023

Historically, the word Chingona originates from the masculine word Chingon, which refers to a strong, intelligent, and capable man. In Latin American culture, the word Chingon has a positive connotation, and it is perceived as a good thing to be referred to as a Chingon. Whereas, Chingona is said to...

CSUSM’s full transition to in-person classes next spring causes worry in students.

University’s push toward mainly in person classes abrupt

Jaden Whitehead, Staff Writer December 3, 2021

Personally, this  semester  has been one of the most difficult of my college career. While it is nice to be back on campus, I cannot help but feel that normality has yet to return in  our lives. My schedule is  half in person and half online, making it a strenuous task to balance the two. Despite...

CSUSM students have many suspicions surrounding the Cesar Chavez statue and believe that it brings good luck if you rub the book Chavez is holding.

Statues, seals and superstitions on the CSUSM campus

Kinsey Canez, Staff Writer December 3, 2021

Superstitions, they’re easy to write off as irrational. Stepping on a crack will break your mother’s back or eating the entire fortune cookie acting as the only criteria for its message to become a reality seem unlikely. Specific rituals are performed by many.  On the 2007 campaign trail,...

President Neufeldt gave her third annual Report to Community address on Sept. 30.

President Neufeldt envisions CSUSM to become a leader in social mobility in third annual address

Tania Ortiz, Editor-in-Chief October 6, 2021

CSUSM President Ellen Neufedlt introduced the CSUSM’s new institutional strategic plan to highlight the university’s power and potential to become a first-choice school for first-generation and future generations of students.  The university should be the school of choice for “for first-generation...

Joseph Esparza / Major: History / Hometown: West Covina, CA

Joseph Esparza

April 15, 2021

Dear Joseph, Belated congratulations on your graduation! :D It has been a delight to journey with you and we applaud the person you have become. We admire your passion, clear vision and your determination. You have always been an adventurer and have so much joy for life. It is great that you are already...

The future of this year’s graduation celebrations are still up in the air, leaving students wondering if it will happen.

CSUSM’s commencement announcement brings graduates a cautious sense of optimism

Tania Ortiz, Opinion Editor March 21, 2021

As we reach the midpoint of our spring semester, seniors are getting ready for commencement — buying caps and gowns, taking photos for announcements — all while wondering whether it will happen this year.  When the pandemic began, colleges all across the country had to cancel their commencement...

Pedro Pascal

February 24, 2021

Pedro Pascal, B.A. in mathematics Corona, CA Congratulations on graduating, etc. etc.    

Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones

February 24, 2021

Congratulations on graduation from Dad.   Maggie Jones is graduating with an M.A. in history.

Dr. Godfrey Gibbison, the Dean of Extended Learning, talks about his goals and plans to help students succeed through the Extended Learning program at CSUSM. (Photo courtesy of the CSUSM Extended Learning website)

John Smith

February 24, 2021

Congratulations on graduating! We are so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Seth.   John Smith is graduating with a B.A. in economics.

Jamie Jacob is Septembers Student-Athlete of the Month.

Conversation with Student-Athlete of the Month

Raul Marroquin , Sports Editor October 10, 2019

Q.What is your major? What do you plan to do with your degree? A: My major is Global Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. After shooting my shot at the professional golf level, I hope to work up to be a global marketing manager or an operations manager for an international golf company....

Students solve mock murder-mystery

Mekala Lehmunn, Staff Writer September 25, 2019

80 Students spent Friday the 13th solving a murder at the Midnight at the Masquerade dinner party. Coordinator of Student Involvement, LaPorcha Ellick, said, “The purpose of the event is to provide a fun interactive evening for students . . . similar to playing a live version of the game ‘Clue’.” ...

Barack Obama by Kehinde
Wiley, oil on canvas, 2018. National
Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution.
The National Portrait Gallery is grateful to the following lead
donors for their support of the Obama portraits: Kate Capshaw and Steven Spielberg; Judith Kern and
Kent Whealy
; Tommie L. Pegues and Donald A. Capoccia

History professors discuss former President Obama’s legacy

Tyler Abrahams, Assistant News Editor March 15, 2018

On Feb. 22, students and community members joined history professors Dr. Jill Watts and Dr. Kimberly Quinney in Markstein 214 to discuss the meaning of Barack Obama’s presidency to observe Black History Month. Dr. Watts and Dr. Quinney discussed what they believe Obama’s presidential legacy means. In...

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