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Alleged victim of CSUSM student files police report

The student allegedly committed sexual battery. READ MORE


CSUSM launched a new sustainability minor in fall 2020 for students interested in promoting an environmentally conscious society. (Ruben Santana)

CSUSM launches sustainability minor

The minor is a way for students to gain a meaningful understanding of sustainability through completing 18 units. READ MORE


International students encounter new experience of studying abroad.

International students have adjusted to challenges such as changing federal guidelines, time zone differences and being unable to receive books mailed from online retailers. READ MORE



The Cougar Pantry helps students experiencing food insecurity by offering weekly distributions. (Kat Parra)

Staff working on campus experience new guidelines and challenges

CSUSM currently employs 830 non-faculty staff, 175 of which are working on campus. READ MORE


ASI Cougar Pantry continues distribution amid pandemic

CSUSM students have access to a free, weekly food distribution. READ MORE or WATCH VIDEO


VIDEO: CSU Tuition to remain the same despite backlash from students

Hear from a CSU spokesperson on why tuition won’t be lowered and a CSUSM student who thinks tuition should be lowered. WATCH VIDEO


VIDEO: Cougar Showcase Episode 2: Dr. Ching-Ming Cheng

We sat down with Dr. Ching-Ming Cheng, the department chair of the CSUSM music department, to learn about her musical career and to hear a piano performance. WATCH VIDEO


CSUSM alumnus Jake Northington’s exhibition “Chasing Andromeda” is now on display on the library’s website. (Photo courtesy of Jake Northington)

Alumnus’ photo exhibit emphasizes and celebrates Black Beauty

Alumnus Jake Northington’s photo exhibit “Chasing Andromeda” is on display on the Kellogg Library’s website during the fall 2020 semester. READ MORE


COVID-19 impacts students’ Halloween celebrations

Halloween is a time for celebrating, but with the current pandemic, many won’t be celebrating in the ways that they are used to.  READ MORE


8 spooky films for your Halloween quarantine

Get in the Halloween mood with these films of varying scariness. READ MORE


REVIEW: The Babysitter: Killer Queen brings nonsensical humor and blood

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, Netflix is releasing films that are perfect for scary movie nights at home. READ MORE


Mexican Gothic creates ample representation for Mexican women.
(Photo from Wikipedia, property of Silvia Moreno-Garcia)

REVIEW: Mexican Gothic offers creepy fall read

For those looking for a modern Gothic novel with Mexican representation, multi-genre author Sylvia Moreno-Garcia’s 2020 Mexican Gothic is the book you are looking for. READ MORE


The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

The Cougar Chronicle staff highlights the best new entertainment. READ MORE


Cougar Corner

Read a poem by a literature & writing studies student. READ MORE


Get ready for the spookiest, safest Halloween with these tips

With the pandemic, partying is not the smartest move right now. Here are other, safer ways to celebrate the horrifying holiday.  READ MORE


You can create festive pumpkins without carving them.
(Photo by cottonbro on Pexels)

Pumpkin decoration ideas to try this season

In case you do not want to carve a pumpkin, here are a few ideas of ways to decorate a pumpkin instead. READ MORE


OPINION: Pandemic places precautionary measures on how we vote

Seeing as the stakes are high for this election — from local to federal — there is no excuse to skip out on this one. READ MORE


OPINION: Cities going through gentrification can displace homes and businesses

While gentrification does promote a city’s economy to thrive, it hurts those who have been longtime residents and business owners. READ MORE


Some businesses have opted to go paperless to prevent the spread of COVID-19 – but it harms some, like the homeless. (Photo courtesy of Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.)

OPINION: Eliminating cash transactions poses problem for homeless

Many companies are ditching paper currency purchases. But how has this limitation affected the most vulnerable populations, such as the homeless? READ MORE


OPINION: Diverse representation in the media inspires minority communities

Representation is important because the world is made up of people of different colors and shapes that need to know their voices are just as important as white voices. READ MORE 


GUEST COLUMN: Pandemic creates both challenges and opportunities for career advancement

CSUSM instructor gives advice for succeeding in the job market in these uncertain times. READ MORE


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