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Every body was positive on Love your Body Day

Photo by Long Truong

The Gender Equity Center celebrated its annual “Love My Body” Day celebration outside of the USU on Thursday Oct. 21.

Fierce body-positive music, such as “Formation” by Beyonce, filled Cesar Chavez Plaza as all attendees were invited to strut down the catwalk. In accordance with the event’s mission, the crowd applauded and hyped each and every participant. READ MORE

Hispanic Heritage Month closing ceremony celebrates Latinx culture

The Latinx Center closed out Hispanic Heritage Month, hosting a closing ceremony in the USU Ballroom on Oct. 16.

The event was not exclusive to Hispanic students, welcoming students of all backgrounds to enjoy performances, traditional games and food.

Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the Hispanic community from North America to South America. The closing ceremony gave the Latinx Center and its constituents an opportunity to be heard and display their unique traditions with the campus community, such as Folkloric dancing. READ MORE

Campus Notes 10/27

Winter intersession registration now open

Classes for the winter intersession are open for enrollment. The class schedule became available to students on Oct. 11.

Course topics feature art, media and design, biology, computer science, history, literature and writing studies, political science, philosophy and sociology. Students can enroll and earn up to four units towards their degree during the winter intersession.

The winter intersession is four weeks long. The session runs from Dec. 20 to Jan. 15. For more information, please visit READ MORE


Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Sarah Aragon

Aragon shares that CSUSM Athletics coaches athletes for life. (Photo courtesy of CSUSM Athletics.)

Sarah Aragon is a senior outside back/defender for the women’s soccer team at Cal State San Marcos. Aragon, majoring in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, currently is the president for the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). The committee led by Aragon is made up of student-athlete representatives from all 13 programs and serves as the bridge between CSUSM Athletics administration and athletes. READ MORE


ASI opens applications for student art exhibition

Photo courtesy of ASI

In 2019, CSUSM’s Associated Students Inc. (ASI) started an art initiative to showcase the art students created in the University Student Union. After becoming a huge success, ASI has decided to continue with the initiative.

This year’s theme will have student-artists to focus on the eight dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial and environmental. The theme also touches on the COVID-19 pandemic, encouraging students to incorporate their emotions felt throughout the pandemic through their art. READ MORE

Back 4 Blood is a fresh take on first-person apocalyptic games

Back 4 Blood, a popular new first-person shooter, was released Oct. 12. The game was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who is also behind the original Left 4 Dead game and is published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game takes place in post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania, where non-infected humans find safety at Fort Hope. An alien parasite has devastated most of the population, turning humans  into ravenous, terrifying creatures. Like Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, there are different types of zombies, each with their own weaknesses and special abilities. Back 4 Blood refers to these enemies as “the Ridden.” READ MORE

Entertainment Rundown

Podcast: “Edith!”

President Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in 1919, leaving some to believe that his wife, Edith Wilson, took over Presidential responsibilities that once came across his desk. “Edith!,” a historical fiction podcast sprinkled with satire and a star-studded lineup, explores the perspective of a first lady juggling a sick husband and secretly taking on a new role in the daily decision-making process of the West Wing. “Edith!” is a match made in heaven for those seeking a blend of humor and an imagined version of American history where the first female president served in secret. READ MORE

Five shows and films to watch this Halloween

October is the time for haunts and scares. From slasher films, to the paranormal, to downright unsettling, here are five films and shows to get you in the Halloween spirit:

Midsommar: A film by the production company A24, known to make very unsettling and strange films, follows the story of Dani, played by Florence Pugh. Following the deaths of her parents and sister, Dani is distraught and falls into a deep depression. Alongside the sudden loss of her entire family, her relationship with her boyfriend Christian begins to fall apart as well. To save their relationship and help Dani heal, Christian’s friends suggest going to their friend’s town in Sweden to experience the Midsommar festival. READ MORE


Cheap and simple Fall dessert for students

This cookie recipe is easy for any college student to follow. (Photo by Jaiden Quiroz)

At the start of my second year here at CSUSM, I was living alone in an apartment complex near campus. I had just begun to get used to cooking for myself and was having trouble finding a dessert recipe that did not require a lot of ingredients and also did not take up a lot of time.

Since the holidays were coming up, I was always craving cookies and decided to experiment with different cookie recipes to see which one would be the best dessert after a long day of attending classes. That is when I discovered this recipe for pumpkin cookies. If you are wanting a quick and minimum ingredient fall dessert, this is the recipe for you! READ MORE

Practice self care through mediation sessions

Open to the entire CSUSM Campus community on Mondays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., Dr. Juan Alvarez hosts a meditation session for students to focus on being in the present. Dr. Alvarez shares different practices of meditation. He gives a brief overview of mindfulness and what the session will consist of.

The first practice that he shares is about connecting your body and breath. Dr. Alvarez recommends that as you focus on your breathing you can lay down to focus on your breath. He creates  a welcoming environment where students are able to share what they are feeling by either unmuting their microphone or commenting on the chat. READ MORE


COLUMN: Why I got the COVID-19 vaccine

Students believe that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is beneficial to the community. (Graphic by Mallory Arcena)

As of Sept. 30, CSUSM officially enacted a vaccine mandate on all students and faculty. In addition to the vaccine mandate, CSUSM is still enforcing masking while indoors to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Unless granted an exemption, active CSUSM students, faculty and staff  must be fully vaccinated to attend on-campus classes and events. Those who are exempted under medical or religious grounds are expected to commit to weekly COVID-19 testing, just as they have been doing before. Those who chose to not get vaccinated must submit to online classes only. READ MORE

Facebook whistleblower’s allegations could lead towards monopolization

Over the past couple weeks, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen  testified in front of Congress and took up an interview on “60 Minutes” detailing her allegations and concerns. Hauge, a former data analyst for the social media giant, alleges that Facebook prioritized user and company growth at the cost of safety measures.

More specifically,  the algorithms in place on Facebook and its family of apps are harmful towards teens and  the spread of misinformation across the app has resulted in real-world violence. READ MORE