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Task force to evaluate legacy of late Senator Craven

The Craven Task force was created following the events of the Academic Senate vote in April. (Angelina Parra)

CSUSM President Ellen Neufeldt recently charged a task force to examine the legacy of the late state legislator William Craven, following the Academic Senate resolution last spring endorsing the removal of his name on CSUSM buildings and streets.

The call for the removal of the late senator’s name came after his past comments on undocumented immigrants and the Hispanic community. The Academic Senate vote in April passed with 56 for, two against and two abstaining. READ MORE

Students learn about CalFresh resources during info session

ASI hosted CalFresh Extravaganza, their annual CalFresh information session, during U-Hour on Oct. 28, around 50 people attended the Zoom meeting.

The session included two presentations: one from David Andrade, a San Diego County employee and another from Noemi Ramirez, CSUSM CalFresh specialist. Presentations covered the CalFresh application process, eligibility requirements and ended in a Q&A session. READ MORE

Campus Notes 11/10

Professor Leads Second Report on COVID Impact on Farmworkers| CSUSM News Center

Cal State San Marcos professor Bonnie Bade is part of a team of academic researchers who came together last year to study the effects of COVID-19 on the vulnerable population of farmworkers throughout the state.

The COVID-19 Farmworker Study (COFS) team released its first report last February, and now it’s back with another one. Bade, a professor of medical anthropology, participated in a press conference on Oct. 18 to discuss the new report highlighting extensive interviews with Indigenous agricultural workers and the dire conditions they are facing during the pandemic. Read more at READ MORE


Men’s soccer suffers devastating loss against Cal State San Bernardino

Men’s soccer suffered a gruesome loss against CSUSB, marking the end of their season. (Photo courtesy of CSUSM Athletics)

Cal State San Marcos – CSUSM men’s soccer team lost 5-0 to Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB) in their Season Finale on Nov. 4, at Premier Field on CSUSB’s campus.

The loss means the Cougars failed to compete in the 2021 NCAA Division II Men’s Soccer Tournament (College Cup). To win over their opponent, they can only prepare for the next College Cup in 2022 since they cannot have playoffs. READ MORE


CSUSM Arts and Lectures Series Presents: Tell Them Where You’re From: Teaching Our Lives/Stories with Dr. Irene Sanchez-Diaz

Dr. Sanchez-Diaz shared the importance of sharing one’s story at the latest Arts & Lectures event. (Photo taken from CSUSM Events website.)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CSUSM community has made numerous efforts to incorporate more events that focus on social justice, community engagement and healing through virtual programs. These events have  recognized students and staff that have gone above and beyond to make sure that our campus was safe once again.

Due to campus maintaining the hybrid model of teaching, this fall semester has been the first experimental trial of this new way of learning. READ MORE

Netflix’s original series Maid looks into familial complications

This review contains spoilers.

Many people have been talking about newly-released series on Netflix. One of those series that have been on the top ten list for a while now is Maid.

Maid is a limited-series released on Oct. 1. The series follows Alex, a young woman who escapes her abusive boyfriend with her daughter  Maddy.

After she leaves her boyfriend, her problems grow even bigger because she then has  to face the difficulties of being a single mother in a harsh world. Margaret Qualley shows an incredible performance as Alex, making the audience feel sincere empathy for her character as she takes on a new life as a single mother. The young mother  has never been in the real world by herself and now must go through struggles of finding a job, housing, and a good daycare for her child. READ MORE

Entertainment Rundown 11/10

Book: Yolk

On Mar. 1,  Mary H.K. Choi released her first novel titled Yolk. The novel follows the story of two Korean-American sisters who are nothing alike: Jayne and June Baek. Jayne feels as though June has never understood what it meant to work hard and earn what she wants; Jayne struggles with an eating disorder and an unstable relationship with her boyfriend and superficial friends. Over the years, the two sisters lose touch because of their estranged relationship. However, everything changes when June is diagnosed with uterine cancer. Yolk is a heartfelt and sincere story about Korean-American identity and the importance of family. READ MORE


Five ways to prevent end-of-semester jitters

The final weeks of the semester tend to become very stressful for students. (Photo courtesy of on Pexels)

As we enter the final weeks of the semester, anxiety and stress tend to make their regular appearances in college students nationwide. Fear of missing assignments, balancing a proper school-work-life balance and making sure to catch some sleep becomes the only priorities.

Every college student experiences end-of-semester stress differently. As a fifth-year student, managing my end-of-semester stress has been a trial-and-error process. Luckily, heading into the final stretch of this semester, I have picked up some strategies to ease the stress and finish off the semester strong. READ MORE

A simple and healthy smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect way to start the beginning of your day or the end of your day! They are a great pick me up. There are a variety of ways in which you can make a smoothie, however an easy smoothie that I like to make is a “licuado de banano,” also known in Honduras as “batido de leche.” READ MORE


FAFSA is the help college students need but do not get

FAFSA only relieves some students’ financial stress. (Graphic by Shea Hauswirth)

Each year on Oct. 1, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA) opens for high school seniors and college students nationwide. Universities often require students to apply for two reasons: for statistical data and financial aid eligibility. Depending on the applicant’s financial status, they can receive various amounts of money for academic purposes. READ MORE

Despite progress, President Biden has plenty work ahead

Last week  marked  a full year since the 2020 Presidential Election where Joe Biden defeated the incumbent President Donald Trump. President Biden has done plenty within his first year in office to separate himself from his tumultuous predecessor, but while progress has been made, he still has a ways to go.

Most notably, President Biden has made major headway in getting the COVID-19 pandemic  under control in the country. Everybody who wants to get a vaccine in the country can do so, allowing  most mask requirements to be eased for those who are fully vaccinated. READ MORE

Midterms stress can be lessened practicing self-care and time management

From university to university across the country, midterm season is taking form and opening the floor for additional academic stress upon students.

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lot about education, academic stress and stress within our personal lives. Students  have experienced test taking formats in a new way,  coming to the realization that this semester will revert back into this old habit of testing a more difficult transition than originally perceived. READ MORE

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the campus community

Symptoms of anxiety or depression have gone up by 30 percent  in the U.S. during the Covid-19 pandemic. According to KFF, four in 10 adults have reported symptoms linked to anxiety or depression in January, compared to 11 percent between January and June of 2019.

This concerning trend can be seen on our campus too: the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of the CSUSM community. Students and faculty were thrown into uncertainty during the transition to online learning. The lockdowns closed CSUSM for over a year, but also left an impact on students individually. READ MORE