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Brian Gallegos




Campus Notes

Stay up to date on the latest campus happenings. READ MORE


The library’s goal is for all textbooks to be free in the future. (Melanie Ramirez)

Library promotes textbook affordability

Finding affordable textbooks as a student is hard. That’s why CSUSM’s University Library has been focusing on building an affordable textbook program for its students, called the CALM initiative (Cougars Affordable Learning Material). READ MORE




VIDEO: Cougar Showcase Ep. 4: Dr. Merryl Goldberg

Dr. Merryl Goldberg is a professor in the School of Arts at CSUSM, as well as a former saxophonist for the Klezmer Conservatory Band. Learn more about Dr. Goldberg’s musical journey and passion for musical education. WATCH VIDEO


Student athletes enjoyed reading to students in kindergarten, first and second grade for Read Across America. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics)



Student athletes participate in Read Across America

CSUSM’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) partnered with T.H.E Leadership Academy in Vista to read to different grade levels from Mar. 1 to Mar. 5 to celebrate Read Across America.  READ MORE




CSUSM Theatre recently held their first performance of the spring 2021 semester She Kills Monsters. (Photo credit to CSUSM Theatre and its graphic designer)

REVIEW: CSUSM Theatre’s She Kills Monsters walks the line between fantasy and virtual reality

CSUSM Theatre’s production of She Kills Monsters: A Virtual Realm creates a daring and memorable story that will have its audience in tears of both  joy and sadness. READ MORE


The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

The Cougar Chronicle staff highlights the best new entertainment. Entertainment Rundown (3/21/21) or Entertainment Rundown (4/6/21)


REVIEW: Feel the fury as Moxie breaks through male restraints on female success

Moxie sparks the awakening of feminism after a young woman named Vivian (Hadley Robinson) becomes fed up with her high school’s male domination and staff negligence over the female population. READ MORE


Selena Gomez’s Spanish EP Revelación never fully captures your admiration. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Interscope Records and the photographer/graphic artist)

REVIEW: Selena Gomez’s Revelación fails to capture its full potential

Selena Gomez’s latest musical project, a seven-song EP called Revelación, finds the singer exploring love and independence while paying tribute to her Hispanic heritage. But despite its promising premise and a few standouts, the EP never fully gets off the ground. READ MORE


REVIEW: Pianist Kei Akagi shows the beauty of music through improvisation

CSUSM held a virtual concert that featured well-known jazz pianist Kei Akagi on April 2. READ MORE




Cougar of the Week: Q&A with CSUSM student Synthia Ayala

Synthia Ayala is a fourth year CSUSM student majoring in arts and technology and minoring in video production. Read this Q&A to learn more about her interests and plans for after graduation. READ MORE


This ultimate comfort food may be the very thing that you need at the end of a long day and with this Instant Pot recipe, it just got easier to make. (Photo by Chris F on Pexels)

Try this delicious and easy mac and cheese recipe

Something that everyone could use these days is a bit of comfort food, and one of the ultimate comfort foods is macaroni and cheese. This simple recipe makes the process hands-off for the most part and it’s delicious. READ MORE


Get better sleep with these tips

Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done, so if you are having trouble sleeping, you should try some of these tips. READ MORE



Carolyn Cheng



The future of this year’s graduation celebrations are still up in the air, leaving students wondering if it will happen. (Carolyn Cheng)

OPINION: CSUSM’s commencement announcement brings graduates a cautious sense of optimism

President Neufeldt recently announced that the university is planning to celebrate both class of 2021 and 2020. While this information brings a sense of hope for graduating students, details are still being finalized and the fate of the in-person ceremony still lies in the hands of public health officials. READ MORE


OPINION: CSUSM should require students returning to campus in the fall to be vaccinated

The university should mandate a vaccine requirement for students returning to campus for in-person instruction to reduce the probability of COVID-19 outbreaks on campus. READ MORE


Students are feeling more academic burnout during the online learning period. (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.)

OPINION: Online learning causes academic burnout in students

Especially with the mixture of multiple asynchronous courses, students are now burdened with teaching themselves entire subjects along with studying to sustain their learned knowledge. READ MORE


OPINION: Corporate activism is performative and does more harm than good

Do corporations actually care about equality and inclusivity or is their performative activism only a ploy to make profits? To genuine activists, it seems to be the latter. READ MORE


OPINION: Computer science students should consider getting a master’s degree

While there are various perspectives on the importance of obtaining a master’s degree in computer science, obtaining a master’s degree in computer science can broaden one’s horizons and improve one’s professional career.  READ MORE