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CSUSM’s annual security report became available to students and faculty on Sept. 15.

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Cougar Pantry finds a new home on campus

The Cougar Pantry moved to a spacious new location on campus, located in Commons 104, adjacent to the bookstore.

All CSUSM are eligible to receive food and groceries from the Cougar Pantry. (Photo by Angelina Parra)

The Cougar Pantry is a project led by ASI in effort to combat food insecurity on campus. Every currently enrolled CSUSM student can visit the pantry once a week and pick up groceries free of charge. The pantry offers a wide selection of dry goods, canned goods, produce, milk and toiletries. READ MORE

CSUSM housing welcomed 1,500 residents to the UVA and QUAD for the academic year

COVID-19 left classrooms empty and made students endure awkward zoom meeting exits and left rooms vacant at CSUSM’s UVA and the QUAD as most students opted for a semester at home to complete classes virtually during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This all changed on Apr. 17 when  applications for on-campus housing appeared in student’s email inboxes. According to CSUSM’s housing office, applications filled up at a faster rate than usual as many awaited an opportunity for a tangible change in their transition into college. READ MORE

Clery report indicates decrease in reported crimes on campus

CSUSM’s annual security report (ASR) revealed that 2020 showed an overall decrease due to campus closures caused by COVID-19 in reported crimes except for burglary, which showed a slight increase.

Reported burglary increased from one reported burglary in 2019 to four reported offenses in 2020. Other slight increases in crimes included motor vehicle theft which has increased by one since 2019. READ MORE.

Campus Notes 9/27



Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Ally and Megan Tomasetti

Twin sisters Ally and Megan Tomasetti are midfielders for the women’s soccer team. Both sisters are kinesiology majors and are just starting their journey at CSUSM this fall. The Tomasetti sisters are eager to gain more knowledge of the sport and grow as individuals throughout their time at CSUSM. READ MORE

Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Renee Laurenzana

Laurenzana dedicates herself to cross country and improving on her skills. (Photo courtesy of CSUSM Athletics)

Renee Laurenzana is a redshirt junior on the women’s track and field and cross-country teams, majoring in biological sciences-physiology. Laurenzana says the team is a motivation for her to train and to improve. She was named Runner of the Week by the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) on Sept. 6. Laurenzanna dedicates herself to the sport of running and improving her skills to achieve victories and is happy to train with her team. READ MORE



CSUSM’s Theatre Arts Department Presents: “The Hatmaker’s Wife”

On Sept. 9, CSUSM’s Theatre Arts Department debuted the first play of the fall semester,  “The Hatmaker’s Wife,” a play written by Lauren Yee and directed by CSUSM theatre professor Jason Heil. The performance was extra special because it is the first in-person event since before the pandemic. READ MORE

Actress shares her feelings on returning to in-person performances

Alyssa Tibador shares her excitement to return to the stage. (Photo courtesy of Jason Heil and CSUSM Theatre Arts)

As we know, the pandemic created a lot of difficulties through this past year. The theatre industry faced having to take traditional in-person performances to an online medium thus removing the performer from the stage. As restrictions are lifted, CSUSM’s Theatre Department is able to return to the stage once again.  Alyssa Tibador, who plays the lead character in “The Hatmaker’s Wife” shared her experiences and emotions of returning back to the stage after resorting to online performances last year. READ MORE

Marvel’s Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings kickstarts Marvel’s next phase

This review may contain spoilers. 

Marvel kicks off the next phase of the Avengers with Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. As one of the first Marvel films to be traditionally released in theatres, the film rose quickly to become the number one film worldwide.

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings follows the story of Shang Chi, played by Simu Liu, a trained assassin under his father’s supervision. READ MORE

Entertainment Rundown 9/30


Best study spots at CSUSM

With campus life slowly returning back to normalcy, students are either getting reacquainted with or navigating their way through

CSUSM has plenty of spaces on campus perfect for studying. (Photo by Valeria Serna)

CSUSM. While the campus isn’t as large as other universities, students make the most of what the campus has to offer. READ MORE

Get into the fall spirit with this tortilla soup recipe

As the weather begins to cool and the pumpkin-spice season approaches, warm drinks and hot food are becoming more desirable.

Looking for the perfect soup recipe to keep you warm on winter nights? Look no further! READ MORE

The Traveling Tukwut Study Abroad Fair gives insight on what traveling abroad during a pandemic will look like

CSUSM’s first study abroad seminar of the semester, the Traveling Tukwut Study Abroad Fair, took place virtually on Sept. 14. After a challenging year of closed down borders worldwide, the idea of traveling abroad seemed out of reach.

With the world slowly opening up, CSUSM offers various programs and resources for undergraduates interested in studying, volunteering or internships abroad. READ MORE



In-person events and learning help create a sense of community at CSUSM

As we go further into the semester with more students, faculty and staff getting vaccinated, CSUSM’s campus is slowly  returning to a sense of normality once again. While there is much unpredictability surrounding transitioning back to fully traditional learning, multiple departments at CSUSM are holding in-person events. READ MORE

Campus mask mandate keeps the campus community safe from COVID

March 2020 was the last time I walked into work without a mask. I remember asking my  manager if the mask was necessary, since I did not want to ruin my makeup. I also claimed that it  was difficult to breathe in with hopes of being excused from this new mandate.

Over a year has passed and I still wear a mask into any place of business despite being fully vaccinated. The initial fear of masks came from the uncertainty of what it meant and how communities would change from these mandates. READ MORE

First-year student reflects on first week at CSUSM

The first week of school can be stressful and overwhelming for many first-year students. (Photo courtesy of cottonbro on Pexels.)

One hundred and five miles, two hours and thirty-three  minutes away from not only my hometown but the destination of my main supporters and motivation, my family. How could  I move away from the source of my happiness? How can I make it in college without them?

I moved away from home to become someone my family can be proud of, but with this comes sacrifices. A person has to adjust to a new environment, learn to be independent and the hardest part of all, find a place where they can belong. READ MORE