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Melanie Ramirez




Academic Senate endorses renaming building, streets named after late state legislator William Craven

The Academic Senate voted to rename a building and streets named after the former Republican state legislator William Craven in their April 7 meeting. The senate resolution pointed to Craven’s past comments on undocumented immigrants, saying that they did not align with CSUSM’s values. READ MORE


The library is hosting an awards competition to recognize undergraduates’ outstanding creative and academic work. (Kat Parra)

CSUSM Library holds the Library Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity

The CSUSM Library is holding its University Library Award for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity during the month of April.  READ MORE


Campus Notes

Stay up to date on the latest campus happenings. READ MORE




WATCH VIDEO: Cougars on the Run: Professor Damon Steven discusses his thoughts on return to campus




CSUSM Arts & Lectures series hosted local poets to share their work. (Photo credit to the CSUSM Arts & Lectures website)

REVIEW: San Diego poets unite to share their work

CSUSM held a virtual spoken word event, “Poets’ History of San Diego Spoken Word,” hosted by CSUSM’s own professor of ethnic studies Jason Perez, on April 8. READ MORE


REVIEW: Snyder Cut leaves fans in awe after a second take at the Justice League film

With pre-existing footage, creativity and patience, Zack Snyder created a four-hour version of what 2017’s Justice League should have been. The extensive work that is in this film is mind-blowing, earning audiences’ respects and gratitude. READ MORE


The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

The Cougar Chronicle staff highlights the best new entertainment. Entertainment Rundown (4/14/21)


Taylor Swift brings a fresh take on her album Fearless 13 years after the original’s release. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Republic Records or the photographer)

REVIEW: Taylor Swift reinvigorates an old classic with Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

With her latest album, a re-recorded and expanded version of her 2008 album Fearless that won her a Grammy for Album of the Year and established her as a global superstar, Taylor Swift has managed to capture the nostalgia and authenticity of the original while also making it feel fresh and full of life. READ MORE


REVIEW: Indian dancers showcase talent at virtual event 

CSUSM’s Arts & Lectures series hosted “Ta La: The Exploration of Male and Female Energies Through Indian Dance” starring Anusree Bonnerjee and Nilesh Singha, lead dancers of Drutam Dance Ideas Lab, on April 7.  READ MORE




Enjoy a plate of calabacitas con elote, a Mexican vegetarian dish

Next time you are in the kitchen, try making Mexican calabacitas con elote. While it sounds like a mouthful, do not be intimidated. In Spanish, this term translates to zucchini with corn. This meal does not contain any meat. READ MORE


Mirin Cafe in Escondido offers a wide range of Japanese cuisine. From ramen to sushi, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
(Photo by Ponyo Sakana on Pexels)

REVIEW: Get a taste of Japan at Mirin Cafe

With restaurants opening up once again, you may be looking for another good place to eat. If you like Asian cuisine, try out Mirin Cafe in Escondido. READ MORE


Prep a quick smoothie to jumpstart your day

If you are ever stuck on what to make yourself for breakfast while you’re on the go, smoothies are a great option. They are quick and easy to make, and they can be very nutritious. Here are a few new smoothie recipes you can try out. READ MORE


Get creative by making your own envelopes

Although it seems useless to need envelopes during the age of instant messaging, sometimes it is nice to receive a letter from a loved one. It could also be fun to make your own and surprise others with a personal touch.  READ MORE




Increasing the amount of aid given by federal Pell Grants will help relieve students from their financial burdens. (Brian Gallegos)

OPINION: Doubling Pell Grants may provide financial relief for low-income students

With the pandemic causing high unemployment rates, the financial situation for low-income students has only worsened this past year. To help low-income students struggling to pay their tuition, the government should increase funding for Pell Grants.  READ MORE


COLUMN: My plans for a post-pandemic world

With the fast-approaching summer coming along (and hopefully a vaccination beforehand), it is hard not to think about what to do first once it is safe to do so. READ MORE


OPINION: Code-switching is a double-edged sword: it can be oppressive or work in your favor

Growing up as a first generation Mexican American, I would constantly be reminded that I needed to speak English properly, especially in an academic setting with teachers and peers. The need to fit in was always in the back of my mind, but little did I know that I was being taught how to code-switch.  READ MORE


Girl boss feminism ignores almost every aspect of feminism, while presenting itself as such. (Carolyn Cheng)

OPINION: Girl boss feminism symbolizes regressive gender politics

We have all seen those shirts with the phrase “girl boss” plastered on them in the name of women empowerment. While the shirts and accessories made women feel empowered to be a “boss” in their daily lives, the theory behind the infamous phrase is problematic and regressive to gender equality in 2021. READ MORE


OPINION: Information doesn’t equal experience: Reading anti-racist books is not enough

Even though anti-racist books are useful in educating others and ourselves about topics not covered in the public education system, reading a book alone is not enough to be a form of  activism. READ MORE