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People wait in line to get a COVID-19 vaccine at the CSUSM Sports Center on Jan. 31. (Brian Gallegos)

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Vaccine supersite opens at CSUSM

As part of the effort to fight COVID-19 in the region, San Diego County has begun to operate a vaccine supersite center at CSUSM. READ MORE


CSUSM’s annual security report showed that there was a net increase in reported crimes and violations of state and local drug, liquor and weapons laws in 2019 compared to the previous year. (Kat Parra)

Annual security report shows increase in reported crime

CSUSM’s annual security report revealed that 2019 had a net increase in reported crimes and violations of state and local drug, liquor and weapons laws compared to the previous year. The school remains one of the safest colleges in the nation. READ MORE or WATCH VIDEO STORY


Academic Senate alters credit/no credit policy

The Academic Senate voted to expand the credit/no credit (CR/NC) grading option for the 2020-2021 academic year. READ MORE


A Cougar Pantry staff member assembles a bag of groceries. The Cougar Pantry will reopen on Feb. 17. (Kat Parra)

ASI Cougar Pantry temporarily suspended, to reopen in mid-February

Citing the high number of COVID-19 cases in the county, the ASI Cougar Pantry will not resume food distributions until Feb. 17. READ MORE or WATCH VIDEO STORY


Campus Notes 

Stay up to date on the latest campus happenings. Campus Notes (1/29/21) OR Campus Notes (2/13/21)


Student opens small strawberry decorating business

CSUSM student Stacey Trejo has taken her excess time during quarantine to jumpstart a small business. READ MORE



The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

The Cougar Chronicle staff highlights the best new entertainment. Entertainment Rundown (2/7/21) or Entertainment Rundown (2/15/21)


Episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision are released every Friday to stream on Disney+. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of Marvel Studios )

REVIEW: WandaVision provides confusing yet irresistible entertainment

Early on in the series, it becomes apparent that something is not right in the splendid town of Westview, New Jersey. READ MORE


Cougar Corner

See a piece of art by an arts student. READ MORE 


Music through the lens of mental health

Music has often been a medium of art that expresses human emotion. Whether it be through singing or the melody of instruments, these sounds create a tangible idea of feelings. READ MORE


These eight films highlight Black excellence. (Carolyn Cheng)

8 films to watch during Black history month

Check out a list of eight films of various genres that celebrate Black excellence. READ MORE


Malcolm and Marie redefines love and hate

Sam Levinson’s Malcolm and Marie produces a whirlwind of emotions surrounding the struggles of a complex relationship. READ MORE



Coach Spotlight: Q&A with Stefanie Ewing

Stefanie Ewing has been a coach for the CSUSM softball team for three years. She discusses her experience coaching virtually this academic year. READ MORE


Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Sara Langdon

Sara Langdon was on the CSUSM softball team for four years. She discusses life since graduation and how thankful she is for CSUSM Athletics.  READ MORE



Give yourself a special treat with these gluten-free Valentine’s day cookies

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day treat to make for a special someone or simply for yourself, here is a fun recipe for gluten-free sugar cookies. READ MORE


Senior Veronica Villar is a childhood and adolescent development major passionate about working with special needs kids. (Photo courtesy of Veronica Villar) (Carolyn Cheng)

Cougar of the Week: Q&A with CSUSM student Veronica Villar

Read a quick Q&A with CSUSM fourth-year child and adolescent development student Veronica Villar where she discusses her plans for after graduation and more. READ MORE


Cougar of the Week: Q&A with ASI President Michael Garrett

Read a Q&A with ASI President & CEO Michael Garrett. READ MORE


REVIEW: Local restaurant, Fish House Vera Cruz, offers a treat from the sea

With everyone staying inside, you may have been dabbling in some home cooking or takeout or maybe a combination of the two.  If you are tired of your usual takeout orders, here is a new suggestion for you: Fish House Vera Cruz located in San Marcos. READ MORE



OPINION: CSUSM makes the right decision on expanding pass/fail grading

Many students may not have adapted fully to the virtual environment nor were able to commit themselves to their academics due to financial situations along with other personal circumstances. READ MORE


2021 is about adapting to our new lives and letting go of our pre-pandemic roles

Unfortunately, the life we knew before pre-pandemic won’t occur again. We can’t just pick up where we left off. There are shifts now. The effects of COVID-19 are going to last far beyond what we think.  READ MORE


Spring break gives students a mental health break during these unprecedented times. (Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels)

OPINION: Imposter syndrome impacts college students’ mental health

The feeling like you don’t belong or feeling like a fake is not a great feeling. Imposter syndrome impacts many college students and how they view themselves, sometimes without even realizing it affects them. READ MORE


OPINION: Spring break serves as a mental break during the stress of a virtual semester

Students need a chance to recharge and take a step back from their studies for a little before coming back to finish the semester strong. READ MORE


OPINION: Accountability is not censorship

Ultimately, social media companies have every right to ban anyone that breaks community guidelines because the user should have been aware of what they signed up for. Being banned from a platform for hate speech is not censorship, it is being held accountable for your actions. READ MORE


OPINION: Taking a gap year during pandemic can benefit students’ wellbeing

While many students have opted to stay enrolled and take on the task of completing their semester courses through Zoom lectures and lockdown exams, some students may be considering taking a step back until things go back to normal.  READ MORE


As this cartoon shows, most CSUSM students don’t have a very long commute this semester. (Melanie Ramirez)


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