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Carolyn Cheng




While CSUSM has been mainly virtual since March 2020, enrollment has stayed steady. (Brian Gallegos)

CSUSM enrollment stays at normal levels despite pandemic

Even while some other universities are facing declining enrollments in the time of COVID-19, CSUSM’s enrollment has remained steady throughout the pandemic.  READ MORE


CSUSM library unveils exhibit to document pandemic

The library recently unveiled Stories & Snapshots: Documenting a Year of the Pandemic, an exhibit based on submissions to their COVID-19 memory archive. Other local institutions are creating similar archive projects. READ MORE


Campus Notes

Stay up to date on the latest campus happenings. READ MORE




Cougars on the Run: Seniors and Online Learning

Three CSUSM seniors reflect on their experience with online learning and give their thoughts on life after graduation. WATCH VIDEO


Places to study on and off CSUSM

Check out a roundup of some of the best spots to study on and off campus. WATCH VIDEO


Cougars On The Run: Student thoughts on returning to campus for fall

Students share opinions on the possibility of returning to campus in the fall semester. WATCH VIDEO




Amy Wilson (‘18) continues to stay close to teammates she met through CSUSM soccer. Currently she is a substitute teacher for a middle school and hopes to pursue a permanent science teaching position in the fall. (Photo courtesy of the Office of Athletics)

Campus Rec offers students virtual esports experience

CSUSM Recreation has facilitated multiple video game based sports tournaments for students to interact and compete with each other in a virtual environment.  READ MORE


Alumni Athlete Spotlight: Q&A with Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson was a student athlete on the CSUSM women’s soccer team for five years. She shares how COVID has impacted her, what her life has been like after graduation and how she stays connected to her former teammates.  READ MORE




REVIEW: Character-driven film The Little Things invites viewers to play detective

HBO Max’s recent film The Little Things is a new paradigm of mystery that sets foot into uncharted territory through two unique perspectives.  READ MORE


The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown

The Cougar Chronicle staff highlights the best new entertainment. The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown (3/6/21) or The Chronicle Entertainment Rundown (3/15/21)


Find out who we predict will win an award at the 63rd annual Grammys on Mar. 14. (Photo from Wikipedia, property of The Recording Academy)

Check out our 2021 Grammy Awards predictions

See who we predict to win at the 63rd annual Grammy Awards. READ MORE


Writers share their work in literature & writing department event

The CSUSM literature & writing studies department hosted the 1913 Press Reading as part of the Community and World Literary series on Mar. 11.  READ MORE


SHINee’s newest album Don’t Call Me is available on all listening platforms. (Photo by Marie Claire Korea on Wikipedia)

Guest lecture sheds light on bias in search algorithms

Are our search engines a reflection of society? CSUSM’s latest Arts & Lectures guest Safiya U. Noble, an associate professor at UCLA, asked this question during her presentation titled Algorithms of Oppression on Mar. 11.  READ MORE


REVIEW: SHINee’s latest album brings retro yet fresh sound

K-pop group SHINee’s newest album Don’t Call Me was released on Feb. 22. READ MORE




Global Connections president Jordan Silva’s winning photo was taken in his home country of Mozambique. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Silva)

Student spotlight: International student wins photo contest

Jordan Silva, an international student from Mozambique, won a photo contest hosted by CSUSM’s Office of Global Education. READ MORE


REVIEW: Bring comfort home with Mama Kat’s restaurant

If you are looking for a new place to eat or a way to give you a comforting sense of home, look no further than Mama Kat’s restaurant, located in San Marcos. READ MORE


Indulge your sweet tooth with these healthier doughnuts

Here’s a healthier doughnut recipe made of banana bread with an optional chocolate frosting to put on the top. READ MORE


This healthy alternative to a normal peanut butter cup is a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth, without the guilt.
(Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels)

Make this healthy alternative to a peanut butter cup

Peanut butter cups are a beloved American treat that many people enjoy. But if you are trying to make a healthier option, then this recipe is the one for you. READ MORE


Get a laugh from these dad jokes

If you need a quick laugh to brighten your day, here are a few “Dad Jokes.” READ MORE




OPINION: Unpaid internships force students to choose between gaining experience or getting paid for quality work

Many students think that just being able to experience their desired careers first-hand is a great thing. But at the same time, having an unpaid internship can come with problems. READ MORE


Grocery store employees deserve to have hero pay for working throughout the pandemic.
(Brian Gallegos)

OPINION: Finding a balance: Why it’s perfectly okay for college students to take more than four years to graduate

Taking more than four years to graduate college is a smart decision in order to maintain a healthy college experience, financially and mentally.  READ MORE


OPINION: Grocery workers deserve hero pay for working in hazardous conditions

Grocery store workers and their respective unions have rightfully been advocating for hero pay because they are endangering their lives to support their communities.  READ MORE


OPINION: Society needs to break away from normalizing victim-blaming

The campaign has empowered many survivors of sexual assault and harassment to share their stories and report their abusers. While the movement has opened our eyes to the reality of sexual misconduct, there are still people who haven’t quite understood the movement’s message. READ MORE


DACA recipients must remain hopeful as they wait for more news on the status of the program.
(Melanie Ramirez)

OPINION: DACA recipients may have to wait to see positive changes to the program

President Biden’s plans to improve and preserve the DACA program sound promising, but one can’t help but feel wary about how and when they will be accomplished. READ MORE


OPINION: One Fish Two Fish Red … Flag? Six Dr. Seuss books are being pulled from shelves, leading some to wonder if this is the best move

It comes as no surprise that even some of our favorite children’s stories have images and depictions that are considered racist, but were normalized in the past. READ MORE